April 21 – A day around the house with Darcy, Rio and Raffy, Bristol

Hi from 1066

Well, Rio gave us a bit of a fright this morning as he didn’t come for his breakfast and by 1.30 he still had not turned up. We searched the entire house looking under beds and in every nook and cranny but nothing. Then we walked around the garden looking in every possible hiding spot and flushing Raffy out of the garden shed but still no sign of Rio. We did find a dead mouse that one of the cats had brought in as a present for us. Then we walked along the road in both directions looking in the gardens and under hedges. It is a glorious sunny day so the chances are that Rio has found a sunny spot to sleep but we could not find it. Finally, we rangĀ  Ruth as I was really worried. She said not to worry as he sometimes does this especially on sunny days and once he had gone for three days and then returned as if nothing had happened. We felt slightly relieved after this phone call and tried to relax.

An hour later, Rio sauntered in like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, ate his breakfast and wandered upstairs to find somewhere else to sleep. Phew, such relief!