April 27 – Locked in a Park

While Geocaching

Hello from 1066

We went for a walk in the early evening from our housesit and did the Geological Forensics 16. It was about the fossils in the memorial outside St Mary’s church in Portsea. It was easy to do especially after doing the earthcache yesterday at Portsmouth Cathedral. After the earthcache, we went on to do the church micro at St Mary’s. It didn’t take long to find all the numbers as I have discovered that cell phones are great as they have all the waypoints loaded which makes moving to each new set of coordinates very easy. I usually use my GPS to geocache. We did our sums and soon were at GZ searching and searching. But we found nothing. Finally, we had to admit defeat only to find someone had locked us into the park. The park belongs to the council and apparently every night they come to lock the park. It is completely surrounded by a metal fence topped with spikes. Now that’s embarrassing but we weren’t hiding and weren’t being over quiet and it was still daylight so not sure how the gate locker missed us and vice versa. There were no signs anywhere saying about locking the park. Mike walked the entire perimeter and he could have got out by climbing a tree in the corner and jumping down the 6 feet to the ground but there was absolutely no chance of me being able to do that. Alongside one part of the fence was a brick wall but even that meant jumping down from six feet high even if I could have climbed up there. There is also the problem of getting caught in the spikes. It just was not something I could manage evenĀ  40 years ago. If Mike had jumped out he could not have got back in again.

Finally, I had to ring the police by dialling 999 but they said we should ring the fire brigade. Luckily I had a cell phone with me and it had some charge. The fire brigade who turned up promptly in only a few minutes with sirens blazing, now that is embarrassing. They soon made short work of the padlock with a pair of bolt cutters and sent us on our way with a smile. That’s a geocaching first!