April 29 – Kent Mega

Geocachers Galore

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

I have been hoping to go to the Kent Mega which was held at the Hop Farm Holiday Park near Paddock Wood, south of Maidstone but from here it is an hour and 10 min drive so was humming and hawing.

Last night we heard that GCHarribo had managed to convince his Dad to take him despite the fact that he had a hugely busy weekend on with all the festivals in Hastings so we decided to go too.

We got there about 12.30 on Saturday. Some people went for the whole weekend but Saturday was a day you could go for just one day. They had over 1000 attend (it needs 500 to be a Mega). I wonder what a Giga is, they have them in Germany?

There were stalls selling hardware like GPS units, selling all the wild and wonderful cache containers, geo coins and travel bugs.  The Devon Mega, being held in Bicton Park in August 2017, and the Yorkshire Mega, being held in Skelton-on-Ure, Ripon in August 2018 had stalls too. We purchased two geocoins, one for each Mega plus three patches one to celebrate our 5000 finds which we did a few weeks ago. Mike received a Signal the Frog travel bug from Signal the Frog, who is the Geocaching Mascot. So we had a good haul. We also purchased a new GPS as our other one was worn out and falling apart.

Then we went off to do all the lab caches which are a lot of fun. Such a lot of work is involved with placing these caches.

As of today, we have done 5190 caches finds and 275 church micros putting us 649th on the Church Micro Hall of Fame. On our way home we went looking for Church micros visiting St Peter’s in Pembury and St Peter’s in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Then we went to St Alban, Frant, St Thomas, Mayfield and St Dunstan’s, Mayfield. St Dunstan’s is a rather beautiful church with some fantastic stained glass windows and some lovely monumental tombs. Mayfield is a lovely little village, quite different to the Mayfield in New Zealand.