April 3 – A day at home with Hector and Mimi

Michael teaches Hector about pseudoprimes

Hi from 1066 Medieval Mosaic

The weather was not too good today so we stayed at home with hector and Mimi, the Burmese pussycats. I was doing pages for the website and Mike was mostly cuddling Hector and Mimi and working on his numbers and pseudoprimes. Pseudoprimes are numbers that have all the characteristics of prime numbers but aren’t. Bet you didn’t know that. But if you want to know more, Mike will oblige.

We had a big clean up changing the sheets to our sheet and duvet so that I could wash and dry the one we were using and remake the bed before we leave on Friday morning. Also, we completely packed the car except for the few things we needed for tomorrow so that the place was tidy for Karen’s return. Karen, Charlie, Cheskie, Pema and Pinga all arrived in the early evening tired after their long trip to a nice tidy house and a cup of tea.

Those gorgeous cats are so cuddly. Mimi is quite happy to sit beside you on the couch or on your lap if it is empty or even if it isn’t. However, Hector’s favourite position is across your front and over your shoulder as demonstrated in the photographs. He will happily sit there for hours and hours. I will miss him so much when we have to leave soon.