April 4 – Our 2 month house sit near Ross on Wye comes to an end


Hi from 1066 Medieval Mosaic

Last night Karen, Cheskie and Charlie all returned home from France bringing the dogs Pema and Pinga with them. They were all very happy to see us especially the dogs who jumped straight on our laps, so cute.

We had a quiet day at home with everybody catching up with mail and other business stuff. Karen has an open garden at the weekend and also a houseful of family. During the morning a huge delivery of groceries arrived which Mike and I put away. In the afternoon Karen was going to do some baking so I offered to help and we had soon made two lemon drizzle cakes, Yum!, two chocolate cakes to my recipe and my banana cake. We had a lovely time, Karen weighing everything and preparing pans while I did the cake preparation. It reminded me of baking days at home as a child with Mum and Barb which were happy memories.

It was nice to get to know Karen as before this we have only met for a very brief time and mostly talked on the phone. In total, we have now housesat for Karen for ten weeks and we have enjoyed every moment. I wonder if we will ever get the opportunity to do it again or maybe we can reciprocate her hospitality if she cames to New Zealand. We were here on the banks of the River Wye for two weeks in autumn and two months in spring. We love all the animals as all have their own personality but Hector is the one I miss the most, my cuddly cat.

I cooked a roast chicken dinner for us all and we spent a very pleasant evening chatting.