Artist – Rachael Linton

Rachael Linton.

Since working with her father on designing the missing stories of the Bayeux tapestry, Rachael developed her own interest for the illuminated pages of the medieval manuscripts. She started using real gold in her artworks in her early 20’s and is now an experienced and skilled freelance gilder. She uses genuine GOLD to water-gild and restores frames, fine art, furniture and architecture.

Rachael is an innovative contemporary artist, whose projections and paintings depict concepts of resonance, energy and encourage interaction. With over 20 exhibitions in the last four years, Rachael has art in the collection of Sir James Wallace and has gilded the Queen’s Robing Room in Westminster Palace. Following her Masters in Design in 2008, Rachael still holds great interest in finishing the development of an interactive digital artwork which aims to be therapeutic…watch this space.

She has directed her creative consultancy ‘Sound Vision Studio’ for 10 years, producing traditional and contemporary bespoke designs/artworks for a range of clientele.  With a fine hand and meticulous eye, her interest lies in visualising ideas into a form using traditional handcrafted and digital creative techniques. Inquiries for new commissions are always welcomed.

See her gilding and more here:
Contact Rachael with enquiries on:  07881 046100 .