August 12 – Rachael comes for dinner

A documentary was commissioned by the Heritage Crafts Association

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Both yesterday and today we were super busy at the exhibition with lots of excited visitors. Yesterday we were so busy we wondered if we would ever get away at 4 pm. However, at ten minutes to four, one of the vergers arrived and stood in the middle of the group and announced that the Medieval Mosaic would be closing at 4 pm. Michael and I both turned to him and thanked him. LOL. There is a service just after 4 so we needed to go by then but this is the first time that it has required an announcement as usually, people start disappearing about then.

Just after lunch today I heard my phone go but could not get to it as I was talking to people. When I had time to check I saw that Rachael had rung. On returning her call she suggested that she come up for dinner and maybe I could cook a roast chicken. Well, I just so happened that I had got a chicken out of the freezer the night before so it was meant to be. She arrived at 6.30 and we spent a lovely evening talking about her gilding projects and our trip to Yorkshire.

Rachael is currently gilding the prow and stern of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, a very exciting project which will take just over a month. She is harnessed and roped up and stands on the acrylic cover surrounding the ship. This week she was asked to be part of a documentary where she was teaching two trainees how to gild while standing outside the ship. Gilding has been deemed an “endangered skill” and so as well as the documentary it may lead to her giving classes on gilding.

The documentary was commissioned by the Heritage Crafts Association who have categorised gilding as an endangered craft. The educational DVD from this shoot will be available for students to learn the craft of oil gilding, taught by Rachael. Photos to Rachael supplied by Heritage Crafts Association.