August 13 – Cotswold Sheep

Countryfile show


Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Another lovely day in Burford and a steady stream of interested people. We spent the day chatting about a great number of topics.

One lady was telling me about Cotswold sheep. It is an actual breed of sheep, not a mixture. This area is built on the wool industry and you see the tombs in the church yards with the rounded sheep bale on top of them. The Cotswold sheep is a big sheep and their wool staple is around 10 inches. They are a good sheep for wool and meat. They sound quite like the Perendale sheep whose wool we have used for our knitwear for the last 31 years. The same lady was telling me about the Countryfile shows which sound like our equivalent of an A & P show. There is a big one on in Moreton-in-the-Marsh on 2 September so hopefully, we will be able to go.