August 14 – Happy Birthday Steven

A Trip to Leafield

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

Mike had had to go to open the exhibition so I had a nice walk down the hill again. I then left him to it and went for a long walk around the church and then the Windrush river. I met a fisherman who had caught a dace this morning. I have never even heard of one but he said that he catches trout, roach, perch, chub, grayling, pike, barbel, and eels. Quite a variety of fish.

We were quite busy in the afternoon. We had quite a nice afternoon. talking to lots of interesting and interested people.

After work, we drove to Leafield as we will be moving to another house sit there on Wednesday and went to see the people there to learn about the house. They have 6 chickens and get 5 eggs every day and they also have some goldfish. It looks like a big house which we are going to enjoy living in. Only there 6 days though. The boy there taught us a new game called Dobble, quite an easy kids game but fun. We also visited the churchyard as the church wasn’t open and then went for a quick walk to find a cache. There is a whole series of 17 caches here and we have already done one so will do the other 15 later in the week. and me to listen to my talking book. It is The Secret of Excalibur by Andy McDermott. I have already listened to ‘The Hunt for Atlantis’ and ‘The Tomb of Hercules’. Really good books.

Happy Birthday Steven, wherever you are.