August 27 – A Visit from a relative of John Acland, Peel Forest

Goodbye to Jean Pavan

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today was the advertised last day of our exhibition but it was extended three days as on Tuesday and Wednesday they will be tuning the organ. So our last day will be Thursday 30th and we will break down the exhibition on Friday.

We had an incredibly busy day with hundreds of people through the exhibition. However, we had some very interesting people so it kept up our enthusiasm levels. We had several New Zealanders visit today including one couple who used to live in Timaru. The guy worked at the DB Brewery, after Barb’s time. We also had several people who had been into the shop and seen the Medieval Mosaic before in Geraldine. One Kiwi visited us several days ago and today brought in the rest of his family which was lovely.

We also had a visit from a lady, Mary Haddrew, who is the third cousin of John Acland from Peel Forest and is the great-great-granddaughter of Bishop Henry John Chitty Harper (9 January 1804 – 28 December 1893). Bishop Harper’s daughter Emily Weddell Harper married the politician John Barton Arundel Acland (25 November 1823 – 18 May 1904). They are the great-grandparents of John Acland of Mount Peel Station who we have known for the last 37 years since we moved to Peel Forest.

Jean Pavan, one of the guides from St Albans Cathedral also came to say goodbye. He was the first person we met in the cathedral when we came to visit for the first time. He led the tour of the cathedral which we went on. That visit inspired us to mention to Hanna that we loved the cathedral and that it would be a good place to exhibit the Medieval Mosaic. She contacted Helena on our behalf and the rest is history. Also more recently Jean took Michael on the tour of the tower. Our three months exhibiting here has gone passed so quickly and we will be sad to leave our new cathedral family.