August 30 – End of our St Albans exhibition

And some of the Friends we have made along the way

Hello from 1066 –  A Medieval Mosaic

Today is the last day of our exhibition and it was a very quiet day. However, we were able to say goodbye to many of our new friends. Everyone has made us feel very welcome in St Alban’s Cathedral and Abbey Church and we really enjoyed our time here.

Helena was the first person to contact us about holding an exhibition and she has been our contact all the way through. We thank her for making it all happen and for being so supportive and helpful about everything including finding us accommodation for ourselves and our trailer which allowed us to attend the exhibition daily. The virgers were all great and helpful and I still think I may be related to Chris, maybe. The guides we all great and always helpful with answers to questions about the cathedral. Jean was the first guide we met when we took his tour long before we even thought about having an exhibition here. He also took Mike up on the Tower Tour which he really enjoyed. Vincent, one of the many day chaplains that we have come to meet is a lovely person and we especially enjoyed his friendship. James, one of the parks groundsmen visited the exhibition in its first week and we have met and chatted with him around the park regularly in the three months. Other people to thank are the Dean, Sub-Dean, Canon Chancellor, and all the ministry staff, Julia and the ladies at the shop, Steve and the education staff, Andy and the other virgers, the ladies who arranged the flowers (I love Fridays), Terry, John, Jeremy, Ailsa and all the other guides. So many people made our stay great.

Such a great group of people plus all the others from the Cathedral who greeted us, helped us and made us feel so welcome. A huge thanks too to Susan and Peter who welcomed us into their home and who we can also call friends. Thank you, everyone. We are so sad to leave.