August 8 – Documentary Possibility

Happy 30th Birthday Princess Beatrice

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We had a busy day at the mosaic today with lots of enthusiastic visitors.

At 12 Mike Lord came to speak to us about the possibility of making a 10 – 15-minute video for Youtube about the Medieval Mosaic. He contacted us several days ago and came to talk over what he has in mind. He usually does corporate videos but wants to do some documentary work for his own creativity. It sounds like an interesting project where he will interview Michael and Rachael and video our break down in St Albans and our set up in Woodstock. We will send him all the details of people to contact at both venues to apply for the required permissions.

In the afternoon we had a visit from a geocaching couple named South Oxon Stone who come from Thame near Reading. We have done some of their church micros already but they recommended some others around Wheatfield which we will look out for when we head down that way.

We had a busy afternoon and walked home at a slightly cooler temperature. It was actually warmer in the Cathedral than outside today.

I love doing Jidigi puzzles and tonight I finished a puzzle from near the Mega site near Ripon. I finished it and made a note 0f the coordinates for next time we are up that way.