August 10 – A Rainy Day in Burford

Walked part of the way home

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

A rainy old day today with very few people in to see the mosaic. You would imagine it would be busy since it is a nice inside event. A cool thing happened this morning though. The kitchen supervisor for the Burford school came in to see the mosaic. We got talking and she said she lived in Maidstone as a child. But then she also said she went to Northborough School and is a year younger than me so we could well have been at the school at the same time. How weird is that?

Just before 5 pm an old couple came into the exhibition and stayed for ages. Eventually, I left and walked up through Fulford until the footpath ran out and waited for Mike to catch me up. A nice walk, you see so much more when you walk. I saw two old ladies sitting in a garden and as I was watching I couldn’t believe that they weren’t moving. Then I realised they were life-sized stuffed characters. They were really well made and were certainly life like. One had a lovely bun on her head.