December 1 – Our last Friday exhibition in the Grand Jury Room, Oxford

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

This morning we were up and about early as we had to pack the car as today is our last day in Oxford showing the exhibition and we are moving on to Bolney near Haywards Heath tonight. We took Chris to Oxford with us as she wanted to see the exhibition before it closed and today was the last opportunity. She really enjoyed it. We got there a bit early so we had a quick walk to the Westgate Shopping Centre. Strangely though, only a few weeks from Christmas the shops did not open until 10 am. It was nice to see all the Christmas lights.

We had a nice day at the exhibition with some interested people visiting including a guy who works at Oxford Castle as Robert D’Oiley. He and Mike had a wonderful time talking history and comparing notes.

After work, we drove the two hours down to Bolney using the M4 and the M25. I am not sure why we keep getting on the roads on a Friday afternoon when they are at their busiest but it was a good trip down.

The cottage was beside a big farmhouse out in the country which we prefer to being in town. As soon as we opened the door we were met by a warm comfortable house with a good sized lounge, big kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with a shower. Allan came to greet us and to show us around and we were made to feel very welcome. The only problem was the very intermittent internet which is a bit of a problem as we are still organising the Woodbridge exhibition. We managed alright as Mike logged where the best places in the cottage were and his computer picked up the signal more strongly than mine.