December 12 – Sofa Guests on BBC Radio Suffolk

Lesley Dolphin's guests

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We headed off to Ipswich, only a half hour drive around midday. We parked in this amazing spiral carpark which went gradually downhill under the ground with one row of angle parking on each side. One of the best and most clever car parks I have been in. No steep ramps and steep narrow corners or trying to figure out which way is in and which is out.

We were very early but we located the BBC Radio Suffolk building and then walked one block into the city. On the way, we passed a ‘walk-in’ hairdresser so I went to get a haircut but as my hair is at least two months overdue for a cut. The lady did a really good job and I am happy again. We walked around the market and then had lunch at Debenhams.

At 2.45 we arrived back at the Radio station. This was a very new experience for us but we were made very comfortable. Lesley Dolphin was a lovely lady who was very easy to talk to. We must have chatted for at least 40 minutes but the time went by very quickly. We talked about the Medieval Mosaic exhibition in Melton and the making of the mosaic but also our history and how the mosaic came to be made. Lesley emphasised the website, the opening times and address several times during the course of the interview. I let Mike do most of the talking as my cold was much worse and I did not want to start coughing. Right at the end of the interview that happened and a record was quickly put on to cover my coughing fit.

One of the interesting things Lesley did was to give us a box of random questions to answer. Mine was that if I could haveĀ a themed party of any kind what would it be? I said a Medieval themed party as I really enjoyed the one we held for my 40th birthday but Mike said afterwards a board game party would have been a good one, more suited to our interests these days. Mike’s question was if he could stay at one age forever what would it be? He thought next year as he will be officially retired.

Personally, I think this last year has been the best of our lives with so many new and exciting things happening to us and today talking on BBC Radio Suffolk live was a real highlight – another new and fun experience.