December 15 – Melton Exhibition Launch with Tea and Cake

With Tea and Cake

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

The big day of our Melton Exhibition launch. We arrived bright and early and did all sorts of last minute jobs to have the mosaic ready. It got a good clean and polish then we laid out the merchandise that we have for sale. During the morning a florist arrived with a wonderful bouquet of flowers sent by Rachael. It contained red carnations, roses and other dark red flowers. I wonder if she remembered that red carnations are our favourite flowers or whether that was good luck. Clare brought a vase with her to display them in. She arranged them nicely for me. So nice of Rachael to remember, I wish she could have been here.

Clare arrived followed by Charlie and soon the invited guests. There were about 100 guests and the place soon filled up with interested people. Charlie did an introduction and Clare thanked everyone. Then Mike showed everyone what the mosaic was made from and went on to the story. The audience was spellbound and attentive. Everyone enjoyed themselves and asked lots of questions.

Afterwards, we talked to many of the guests. We met reenactors, English language experts and people from all works of life. We also gave out some of our posters for people to distribute.

Honey and Harvey, the cafe next door made tea and cakes for the opening including our favourites, banana cake, chocolate brownie, Anzac biscuits and shortbread.