December 17 – Another slot on BBC Radio Suffolk

With their roving reporter Sarah Lilley

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Sarah Lilley, BBC Radio Suffolk’s roving reporter arrived first thing and came to see the Medieval Mosaic and to do several live interviews on the radio. Another new experience for us. She managed it all herself with a microphone. She introduced us and then asked questions which we answered. It was lots of fun and during the afternoon people came to visit the mosaic as a direct consequence of hearing the interview. It is quite hard to get a visual media like the mosaic over on the radio but I think we achieved it successfully. Sarah was very interested and enjoyed her visit.

Later in the afternoon, we had visitors from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with their Suffolk friends. They were fascinated by the mosaic and spent a long time looking and discussing things with Mike.

We have an entry fee of £5 per adult to the exhibition but each person receives a card which then gives them free entry to all our UK exhibitions. We do this as we know that people like to visit more than once and it means that they will not have to pay each time. Hopefully, it will also encourage them to bring their friends and family to visit the Medieval Mosaic.