December 20 – Bayeux Tapestry officially entrusted to the people of Bayeux

A Historic Moment

Today in Bayeux, a historic event took place in Bayeux when the Bayeux Tapestry was officially entrusted to the people of Bayeux.

The City of Bayeux is preparing to sign a deposit agreement for the Bayeux Tapestry 
with the State. 213 years after the work was entrusted "to the care of the Bayeusains" 
by Napoleon!

‘It’s a happy day for Bayeux, a day whose history will be remembered, “says Loïc Jamin, deputy mayor in charge of museums and heritage development. The City of Bayeux and the State are preparing to sign an agreement to deposit the Tapestry. So far, only a letter dated February 20, 1804, addressed to the sub-prefect of the district of Bayeux by the director of the museum Napoleon, Vivant Denon, meant that Bonaparte entrusted the millenary embroidery to the care of the Bayeusains.’

“First class insurance” 213 years later, a document formalizes the thing. At least for the next 49 years. “We can not make deposit agreements ad vitam aeternam. We, therefore, agreed on a symbolic date, that of 2066 “. 1,000 years after the Battle of Hastings. It has been a long-term job. We weighed all the words because we could not get involved in a project of a Middle Age Comprehension Center in Europe without insurance. And this deposit agreement is first class insurance. In particular, it guarantees that the State can not unilaterally request the return of the work during the period of filing. So we are sure she will stay in Bayeux, at least for the next 49 years. After that, both parties will have to renegotiate the terms.

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