December 3 – A church micro day around Bolney

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We decided to have a day geocaching around Bolney in West Sussex today and the first cache was the village sign in Bolney. St Mary Magdalene church had a wonderful variety of tapestry kneelers which made for a very colourful display. It also had a lovely mix of Victorian and modern stained glass windows and I especially liked the modern one done by Cox & Barnard in 1982. There was a great artwork of the map of Bolney and beautiful watercolours of all the buildings, flowers and birds of the area. The geocache was a multi and after collecting the numbers we walked through the oak Sussex marble lych gate from 1905, the short distance to the geocache which was numbered 27 so obviously one of the very early church micros. On the way, we passed the primary school which had a gaily coloured pencil fence. We also completed at multi for the Bolney Chapel where the final was thoroughly uninspiring when you consider what a pretty little village Bolney is.

We found a church micro at St John’s church in Ansty though finding the church in the first place was a bit of a challenge.

I had read about Holy Trinity in Cuckfield in advance so we were pleased to find it. We were interested to see that there were not only four C.E.Kempe stained glass windows but also amazing painted ceilings in floral designs in pale colours also done by Kempe as were the painted corbel angels. He actually lived in this village. The tiling was also very beautiful with at least five different patterns. The tapestry kneelers all have a gold colour theme which matches the colour theme for the entire church. The geocache was a special type of puzzle where you have to find the position that a photograph was taken from in order to find the cache. Of course, you cannot do this type of geocache without a cell phone so I had to return to the car to get it. We then found the box surprisingly quickly considering all the possibilities. I am not sure if we have ever done a puzzle like this before but we really liked it.

While we were in Cuckfield we decided to do a ‘Drinking Fountains and Troughs’ cache. A lady followed us down the road to the cache site and she stopped to talk to us, telling us that she had been planting the trough with flowers for the last forty years. We admired the purple pansy/violas that are currently flowering. They have such pretty faces and they are a great choice for the winter as they tolerate the winter cold well. We showed her that there was a geocache there as she might see other people standing here. She was very interested.

St Mark’s church at Staplefield was closed and the cache had us stumped for a minute as like everyone else we looked at the more devious but wrong hint item first. We then found a village sign and a fine pair geocache. The telephone box was colourful and very British having been repainted in the colours of the Union Jack.

Since we were losing the light by then it was time to return to our little cottage. It is nearly the shortest day so it will be nice when the days are longer again to give us more geocaching time!