December 31- Visitors to our Melton Exhibition

A geocaching walk around the block plus end of the year statistics

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We had a busy morning at the exhibition but just after lunch, there was a lull for a while so I decided to go for a walk around the block to pick up a few geocaches. I figured Mike would be able to handle any number of visitors to the exhibition alone.

I crossed the A1152 and walked across the railway line behind the railway station. I found a car park and then doubled back and walked along the track and found the walkway alongside the Deben river. As I walked I found several caches which were easily found but more difficult to replace as this is a popular place for dog walkers. However, there were a few geocachers about today as at one of the caches I was the third person to sign the log. I then veered away from the riverside and went towards the road into Woodbridge. As I walked down the road towards the Spar petrol station I found a park with several families walking dogs. We have driven past here many times and never noticed the park before. Continuing towards the Spar I found a water pump beside the road where a geocache was hidden. I hope no one saw me here as the road is quite busy but when I turned around after replacing the cache there was a young boy waiting to cross the road looking in my direction. He did not show any interest in what I was doing, thank goodness.

I then retraced my steps and walked back towards the exhibition along Station Rd. I found a village sign for Melton and two more geocaches including one with a travel bug which I took. When I arrived back at the exhibition Miek had a room full of people. One family who was just leaving showed me a book of their holiday to New Zealand a few years ago. The guy was from Timaru and now lives in Woodbridge, what are the chances? The book made up from all their holiday photos showed a two-page spread of their visit to ‘The Giant Jersey’ and the ‘Medieval Mosaic’ and showed the children played with our Medieval Match puzzle. We also had a visit from three generations of the Milner family, friends of Charlie Haylocks. We had a lovely time talking to them all.

So 2017 finishes and we have had our best year of geocaching since 2006 when we started. We have found 1321 caches in 2017 which amount to an average of 3.6192 caches/day. Not a bad average, although at one stage we were averaging over 5 caches per day. We have found caches on 353 of 366 days of the year so still have 13 gaps to fill. Hopefully, we will be able to achieve that in 2018. We have found 5788 caches in total in five different countries and have found 550 church micros and are 350th on the Hall of fame. We have 84 souvenirs including for finding a cache today on the last day of the year. Our UK ranking is 862, NZ is 78, Europe is 9368 and World is 14,564 (as of 14/1/18)