Ely Cathedral Stained Glass Museum

20 February 2018

Stained Glass

“Virgin Mary”, created by Norwich workshop 1440-1460

“Suicide of Charondas of Catanea” by Dirick Vellert, c.1530

“Monkey Vice Panels” based on work by David Teniers, 1610-1690

“Shields of Arms of the Hill family” by William Price the Elder, 1645-1710

“The Arms of Margaret of Anjou. Queen of England by marriage to King Henry VI from 1445 to 1461” by Thomas Willement, 1786 – 1871

“Shields of Arms” by David Evans, 1828

“Reynard the Fox” by Clement Heaton, c1845-55

“The Crowning of Esther” by Willian Wailes 1849
“The Marriage at Canan” by Willian Wailes 1849

“The Dance of Salome” by Antoine Lusson, 1856

“Moses returns from Mount Sinai” by John Milner Allen 1863

“The Assumption, by John Hungerford Pollen, 1863

Parable of the Lost Silver”, by James Tennent Lyon, 1865

“King David” by William de Morgan, c1865-1872

“The Dawning of the Last Day” by Rev. Albany R. Lloyd, 1871

“The Face of my Father” by J.W. Brown,1892

“The Rich Man’s Feast” by James Clark, 1898

“The May Queen” by George Parlby, 1900

“The Duke of St Clarence as St George” by John Lisle, 1905

“Ministering to the Sick” by Henry Holiday, 1907
“Suffer the Little Children” by Henry Holiday, 1907

“Queen Victoria”, by Hugh Arnold, 1910

“Angel Musicians” by Edward Burne-Jones, 1910-1912

“Feed my Lambs” by Margaret Chilton, 1912

“Morning” by Ervin Bossanyi, 1932
“Evening” by Ervin Bossanyi, 1933

One Hundred Kisses, by Harcourt Doyle, 1939

“Nativity” by Francis Spear, 1923″
“Adam” by Francis Spear, 1958
“Eve” by Francis Spear, 1958

“Inner Space” by Paul San Casciani, 1979

“Five Victorian Studios”, by Michael Coles, 1987