February 16 – Our Pet Sitting Assignment in Hacheston

Pip and Ruby, the Labradors, a cat, a guinea pig and 6 chickens

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Charlotte and family are off to the snow to go skiing so we are looking after their pets for the week. The exhibition is open all week including the Monday and Tuesday as it is the midterm break so we worked out a nice little routine for the animals. We got up an hour earlier each morning and while Mike took the Ruby and Pip for a walk around the old railway line, I would feed the cat, and get the dogs’ food and water ready. Then go and feed the guinea pig and the chickens and make sure they had plenty of fresh, clean water. The dogs would come back from their walk and rush up and gulp down all their food. If Ruby finished first she would push Pip out of the way and finish hers too, until I got wise to her ways.  We would then go back to the house for a shower and get ready for work letting the dogs roam around the section. We then put the dogs back into their house before we went off to work for the day. When we arrived home at four, we let the dogs about and took them for another walk followed by a nice carrot. The dogs are hard cases, Pip likes to sit at your feet and have a good rub behind the ears but Ruby, the younger dog likes nothing better than to rush around like a mad thing usually carrying a stick or stone in her mouth. The cat is an outside cat who doesn’t like to come inside but she does like a good stroke. The chicken house is a clever contraption with a front door to the house and then another door to the run. The back door of the house is bigger so that can be used for cleaning out the house. There are two laying boxes on the side for the eggs. The house also has a bar where the chooks sit at night. It is supposed to be big enough for eight chickens but I think that it is better for six. Still, it is a nice design and made of black plastic. It was fun looking after animals again.