February 18 – 50 years today Gillian’s family left the UK for New Zealand

P&O liner SS Himalaya

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

A historical day for Gillian’s family as we left the UK for the 5-week voyage to New Zealand on this day 50 years ago today. Mum, Dad, Barbara aged 7 and Gillian aged 9 boarded the P&O liner SS Himalaya at Tilbury. Family members including my paternal grandfather saw us off. We had cabin no. E104 with a leaky porthole. The route took us to Rotterdam, Lisbon, Las Palmas, Cape Town, Durban, Freemantle, Adelaide, Melbourne and finally Wellington NZ. We arrived in New Zealand on 26 March 1968.

The cruise was a great experience for all of us but particularly my sister and I as we were very much left to our own devices with separate meal times to our parents and lots of organised activities for the children. It was a real break for Mum and Dad to know that we were well looked after and supervised. We had been given some school work to do during the voyage but fun was the main order of the day. Barb and I watched “Jungle Book” seven times. We can still sing all the songs by heart.