February 22 – Kings Caple Tump

Alphabet Irritation Series

Hi from Gillian and Michael

Today we wanted to continue the Alphabet Irritation Series that we had started. There were three to do on our side of the River Wye and then eleven more on the other side of the river. We drove to Kings Caple church and walked to the top of Kings Caple Tump which is only a slight rise in the land, nowhere near as high as most castle mounds.

“The monument includes the earthwork and buried remains of a motte castle, situated on a low ridge just south of the main road through the village of King’s Caple. The earthern motte mound is circular in plan, with a diameter of 35m, and is between 2.5 and 3.5 metres in height. Its low, flat top may suggest an earlier palisade or shell keep on the motte summit, and there would have been ample room for structures. The castle is situated alongside an earlier Roman road. To the west of a motte, partly encased by the degraded rampart, are the remains of a stone well.”

From there we walked down the road towards Hoarwithy. We found three caches and then Mike returned to the car and came to pick us all up. These caches were named:

F is for Farmers who don’t Mark or Maintain Paths.

E is for Experts (Of the Self Proclaimed Variety).

D is for Dung.

Then we drove over the bridge to Hoarwithy and towards Ross before turning u the road to Hentland. We found three caches on the road. Mike had to pull over and let me out. Luckily they were all quick to find. One guy passed us in his car and then backed up to see if I needed help. I said no and that I was just geocaching and he smiled and left me to it. He obviously knew about it. Those caches were:

P is for Pointless Stages.

Q is for Questionable Cache Placements

R is for Ramblers.

At the top of the hill we parked the car and continued on foot with the dogs across the hilltop The day was wonderful and warm and we had lovely clear views out over Herefordshire. At one stage we could see out over an absolutely immaculate house, garden and farm. Picture Perfect!

S is for Stiles – Hear hear!

T is for Thorns – There are plenty of those around at the moment as the hedges have all be cut back during the winter and the thorns are all very visible and want to grab you as often as possible. The nettles too are horrible at this time of the year. They are only about three inches high so you often do not see them but they are much more venomous than when they are full grown. At this time of the year, they will still be aching the next day.

U is for Unloved Caches.

V is for Verdant Undergrowth.

W is for Wet Boxes

X is for X-rated Expletives. Mike had returned to the car with the dogs at this stage so I was left to find this cache alone. It turned out to be the first cache that I had any trouble with. I knew from the hint that I was looking for a cache at the end of a piece of wood but I could not see it anywhere. I looked and looked and looked, then stood back and looked again. I was just thinking that I would need to give up when I saw it. It was exactly what I was looking for and right where it was supposed to be. I must have had my eyes closed. LOL

Y is for Yellow Oil Seed Rape. I was going downhill now. Then I saw a house and a road going down. I was going to follow the road but then saw a track down beside the fence. The track was very steep but luckily we have not had too much rain lately or it would have been difficult to get down alone. Also, I am glad I didn’t have the dogs at that stage as I would have had difficulty getting down the track with them too. As I turned the corner I saw Mike standing beside the car at the bottom of the track. We looked for Z is for Zero Information together and then set off home for a nice cup of tea for us and dinner for the dogs. A lovely day!