February 23 – A few caches along the Town and Country Trail, Ross on Wye

Hi from Gillian and Michael

Every time we go to Morrisons supermarket Mike takes the dogs for a walk. There seem to be very few green areas in close proximity to the supermarket but the last time Mike took them to the Town and Country trail which was quite a long walk away. When he told me where he had gone I realised that there were three geocaches along the trail so today we parked nearby and walked the entire track with Pema and Pinga. I take Pinga on the extended lead as she likes to come and go and sniff all the smells especially holes where various animals may be hidden. Mike takes Pema on a fixed lead as she just wants to plod doggedly on, placing one foot in front of the other. She does not like to turn around and go back in the opposite direction though and can really dig her heels in if she does not want to go somewhere. We found two of the three caches including one that looked out over a military firing range. The third cache was possibly placed up a tree but without better hints and more accurate readings of where the cache was Mike was not keen to climb the trees. Also, this is quite a busy walkway with individuals and dog walkers so climbing trees was not really happening.