February 25 – Nearly completing a geocaching trail around Brockhampton

Hello for 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today was a lovely Spring day with no wind and lovely warm temperatures so a walk in the country is just the ticket. We have done some of the Around Brockhampton geocaching trail before and were keen to complete it/ We found a car park at the village hall and walked up the road with Pema and Pinga. Luckily the bottom part of this road has been closed off for road works so the road is not particularly busy today. We arrived at the car park overlooking Capler Camp where we parked last time and turned left onto the track. We walked down the track until we reached a gate where we found our first cache. The next cache was about 800 metres away which I thought was unlikely but did not think any more about it. We walked very close to a house which we felt very uncomfortable about as it seems like the path goes right through their garden. We crossed the road and continued on with something niggling at me that there should have been more caches. When we reached the corner of the field I finally thought to turn on my cell phone and sure enough, we had just walked past three caches. I went back to “Turn Left” while Mike sat in the sun with the dogs but I could not find the cache. When we returned and both looked for it several days later we still didn’t find it so it wasn’t just me. I realised later that somehow I had deleted these caches from the GPS and never got around to replacing them.

We saw our first lambs of the season today. They were reasonably old but much of this area seems to be horses, cattle and crops so we haven’t seen many sheep. Lambs is a sure sign of springtime. By this time in New Zealand, the lambing season would be in full swing.

We continued on down a really well make dry track between two hedges then after a short walk down the road we turned into the bottom of Brockhampton estate. The walkway is marked with posts with statements of historical and farming interest carved onto them which made the trip back up the hill to the church very interesting. As we approached All Saints church I was a bit confused as I remember the cache being at the foot of a tree on the road border of the church property but today there was no tree there. On closer inspection, we saw that the tree had been very recently cut down to hedge level. The cache was still safe and sound though. What a pity the church was removed. Maybe it was too close to the road. Across the road from the church is a Tudor style North Lodge of Brockhampton Court. Brockhampton Court is now a retirement care home with 48 ensuite bedrooms on 10 acres of unspoilt countryside. It would certainly be a wonderful place to have a care home.