February 28 – Pigeon

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Our Burmese kitty cats Hector and Mimi are prolific hunters and they love to bring their  catches inside to share them with us. So far we have had three rats, one dead, one very nearly dead and one very much alive. Multiple baby birds and mice, all alive but this morning took the prize. Hector brought in a little bird which I quickly grabbed and chucked out the window which Mike had opened. Hector was very cross with us and eventually after prowling around for a while trying to find it went upstairs to sleep off his bad mood. But when I came downstairs this morning I saw the odd feather on the stairs. We had a quick look around but found nothing. When I went upstairs later I saw more feathers down the hallway so I followed the trail and as I came around the corner there was a dead full-size pigeon lying in a bed of feathers. We keep most of the house closed off so that we do not have too many rooms to look in for wildlife and now we also close the door to our bedroom during the day as the other night Mike went in and found a dead mole in the middle of the bedroom floor. We can always tell when they have a new catch as the cats make a completely different sound as if to announce their delight and success. They are such hard cases and we enjoy their antics but a full-size pigeon and a live rat, not so much!