January 11 – Geocaching out near Ashley Gorge

Hello for 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

A few weeks ago when we first arrived back in New Zealand I saw a new series of geocaches that had been placed by Gracie7 + Mum. I always love doing their puzzles and so I sat down and solved the whole lot. I am also addicted to Jidigi puzzles so what could be better. Today we drove north to¬†Ashley Gorge to grab them all. We found all but two of them, that was 30 cache finds as well as one that wasn’t in the series. The series had all girls and boys names as their titles. They were all containers with dolls attached to the tops of the containers. I gave the series two favourite points and we also reached our 6900th find when we found “Jessica”.

The very first cache of the day which wasn’t one of the series was in a large tree stump. I had found the cache but Mike put it back. In doing so he touched the electric fence and received a nasty shock which upset him for the whole day. It was a hot day and it was nice to enjoy the sunshine.

Usually, I map a series like this out on a printed map but as I had no printer I had to draw a map by hand. Still, it worked well and it just added to the challenge of the day. A great day except for the electric shock which nearly derailed the whole day.