January 17 – Dr Sam Newton visits our Melton exhibition

Anglo Saxon Historian

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Dr Sam Newton, a local Anglo-Saxon historian who makes regular appearances on Time Team came to visit our Medieval Mosaic exhibition today and was impressed. Mike and he spent several hours talking shop. They got on really well and talked about all the questions behind the tapestry. One thing they may have sorted out was the question over the arrow in the eye. They looked up ‘Eadwardi – the Life of King Edward who rests at Westminster’ written in the 1200’s and found the scene which shows the arrow in the eye. So it would appear that the arrow in the eye is not a recent invention.

We had three groups booked in for different dates in February today, a school group, a U3A, and a WI.

Charlie rang to say that ITV was interested in coming to film on Sunday. He will come over too.

It has been on the news in the last few days that President Emmanuel Macron is suggesting that the Bayeux Tapestry come to the United Kingdom sometime in the next five years. It has caused a lot of comment both for and against. Also, there is a lot of speculation as to where it might be housed in the UK.

Storm David hit the UK tonight and it was very windy. There were some trees down locally but not anything we saw. Our power went off for about half an hour. It was just like being at home. LOL