January 24 – A Beorscipe in the Kersey Bell

A variety of Medieval helmets, costumes and weapons

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We had the busiest day yet at the Medieval Mosaic and we were busy talking all day and finally managed to eat our lunch at 4.30. Just like being at home in the shop. LOL. The weather was very rough today starting with strong winds and then rain so our exhibition was a good place to spend part of the day out of the fierce weather. At one stage the rain was absolutely torrential and looked more like a car wash.¬†Dr Sam Newton called in again and very kindly gave us a copy of his book ‘The Reckoning of King Raedwald’

After work, we headed to West Suffolk to Bildeston where we met Jonathan Milner and helped him to get our USB onto his Mac as he had managed to delete it while moving it. That was soon sorted out and we walked up through the village to Wobbly and Maria’s house. They are both into reenactments¬†and Wobbly have a variety of weaponry and costumes that he has made for many periods but especially Viking and 1066. They showed us swords, tools, chainmail, helmets, crossbows and so much more. Then Wobbly took Mike out to this workshop to see all his tools. Mike was very impressed by the plasma cutter. ‘I want one!!’ One particular item was a fantastic chain mail long shirt but the story behind it was amazing. Wobbly had had a small injury on his hand requiring three stitches which then went septic. It was so bad that they were going to remove his hand as it would no longer be able to work properly. He made this chain mail as a form of physiotherapy and his hand is now fine. Amazing.

After that, we all drove to the Kersey Bell pub about four miles away from where we met up with Charlie and Ruth, Wobbly, Maria, Jonathan, Steve, David and Barrie for dinner. They are an interesting group of people from various backgrounds who have a particular interest in Anglo Saxon England and particularly Suffolk. We had a fun evening chatting on a variety of subjects punctuated with gales of laughter.