July 10 – A visit to a Printer in Bedhampton

Havant and Hayling Island

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Our fliers and posters are all ready for printing plus we have a booklet and business cards that need quotes to be done. We found a digital printer not too far away in Bedhampton, just outside Havant, and went to see him. At first, we were not sure as the business seemed to be a house but it was quite a big building behind a house and his prices seemed good. We had online quotes for the fliers and the posters and gave him the go ahead for them but the booklet seemed a bit higher than online prices we had seen and it is not ready to print yet anyway.

Nearby in Bedhampton, we did two church micros and a Side Tracked at the railway station. As we got near the station the bells rang and we had to wait for a train. We were right beside the cache so I hopped out of the car to see if I could find it but it is 6 feet up in a tree and I couldn’t reach. So I hopped back in the car. By the time we crossed the railway line and parked the car the barrier arm had gone back down stopping the traffic again so we crossed on the bridge and Mike soon had the cache. Another two trains went by before the barrier arm went back up again. It sure does disrupt the traffic.

We headed into Havant and parked in a multi level car park and right in the centre. We had a Subway for lunch and then walked around to get some multis. The ‘A Fine Pair’ we found but the St Faith’s Church micro wasn’t able to be worked out as the CO had altered the page and left off the most important part about how to work out the final coordinates. St Faith’s Church was quite lovely with a fine reredos, a lovely carved wooden pulpit, a stone font and beautiful stained glass windows.

We also went to the Havant museum which was small but very interesting. It had a lovely little Scalextric train on a track where you turn a handle and it moves along the track making loud train noises. There was also a penny-farthing and a 1950’s kitchen. The Royal Doulton tile sets were very sweet. Then we did another multi while also doing Secret Gardens and missed out on all 3. We were feeling quite despondent by now so drove down to Hayling Island to see what is there.

The yew tree in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church on Hayling Island is over 2000 years old and was a sapling at the time when the Romans came in 50AD. It is the oldest tree in the area and among the oldest in the country. Cuttings have been taken from this tree and planted all around the country.

Quite an intense tidal path between this island and the Portsmouth side of the water. Not unlike the stretch of water from the Gold Coast Seaway on the Gold Coast, Australia.