July 12 – A geocaching event at The Mermaid Inn, St Albans

A Chance to Meet some new geocachers

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

At 6 pm today there was a geocaching event held at the “Mermaid Inn” only 1 km away from home so we decided to go. The CO, Sterling-Cache was organising a series of events in conjunction with the worldwide geocaching challenge that is taking place between 27 June and 25 July 2018. 

It is called “Hidden Creatures” and you get one point for every geocache you find or event you attend between those dates and you gain souvenirs everytime you reach a milestone.

1 – Bigfoot
3 – Fairy
5 – Unicorn
7 – Kraken
9 – Hippocamp
11 – Mermaid
15 – Sphinx
20 – Gryphon
25 – Phoenix
30 – Troll
35 – Yeti
50 – Dragon
100 – World Turtle

Sterling-Cache lives down near Crawley in West Sussex but has found pubs named for each of the hidden creatures to hold geocaching events in, hence the one we are attending tonight is called “In Search of Mermaids”. As well as Sterling-Cache only one other geocacher attended. He was Bones1 who we later met again on Leverstock green at an event he organised on 17 July.

As usual, when you attend one of these events you instantly begin chatting like you were long lost friends. Geocaching has that effect on people as you are of a like mind. Bones1 had a puzzle which he had been struggling with. Unfortunately, I was not much help. We also showed our geocoins and collected numbers to log a discovery.

As we were leaving Sterling-Cache removed a lock box from his car full of his geocoins, travel bugs and other kit including a Viking boat that he had made for attending Piratemania. He is attending Piratemania in North Yorkshire and the UK Mega in Ripon at the end of July so I am sure we will meet him again there. He has found 7328 caches and Bone-1 has done 30,237. We have done 6184 so we have a long way to go to catch up with them.