July 13 – An afternoon geocaching around Emsworth

Racton Ruin

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Some great photos of Sammy the 80-year-old tortoise. She can be a bit cranky if I tried to feed her when she didn’t want to be fed but she does love banana and took great mouthfuls. Apparently, she has no teeth but that doesn’t seem to hold her back at all. I thought tortoises moved slowly but she could certainly move when she wanted to and loves to dig down into the bark chips when she would practically disappear. She would dig down into the chips when the weather was really hot in order to keep cool. The three Persian cats are fantastic to look after too but spend most of their time sleeping in various spots around the house.

In the afternoon we set off to visit Racton again. We got the geocache there a few days ago but wanted to go into the church too. On the way, we found the CM at Woodmancote. We spent ages looking for it the other day but we couldn’t find it but I had a few other ideas and this time I found it easily.

Dominating the views around here is a tall building so we were determined to find it. We found the walkway and soon found a quite strange building. Racton Monument (known locally as Racton Ruin) is a folly situated on a hill in Racton, West Sussex, England. It was commissioned by the 2nd Earl of Halifax, possibly as a summer house for the nearby Stansted Estate, though an alternative theory suggests it could have been constructed so the Earl could watch his merchant ships dock at the nearby port village of Emsworth. The geocache was a little further along the track and we found another one on the return trip. Mike was determined that there were some crop circles in the ripe crops next to the ruin.

Yesterday I was reading about a geocaching challenge where you had to find the cache within 12 seconds of reaching the spot. When we went to Chidham we did ‘a fine pair’ cache and literally laid my hand on it immediately. Definitely a find in less than 12 seconds.

On the way home, we detoured on the way to the house to Emsworth Park. It is the closest cache to the housesit so would have been wrong to miss out on it. We very quickly figured out where the cache was but there were three boys nearby so grabbing it was not so easy. Mike stood in the way so that they couldn’t see what I was doing and putting it back was even more difficult.