July 17 – A Geocaching event in Leverstock Green

Mike rebuilds his mosaic sample piece

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We spent a slightly cooler day inside as Mike was rebuilding his sample piece of mosaic to show people how the mosaic was made. As it has been handled now for two years and in the last few weeks the pieces have been falling off quite rapidly. Before the St Alban’s exhibition started Mike revarnished the piece and instead of revitalising it, it seemed to loosen the glue on the masking tape instead. I spent the day checking over the events for Piratemania in Dalby Forest and the UK Mega near Newby Abbey later this month. In the morning we also talked to Barb at home in New Zealand and it was really nice to catch up with her.

At 4.30 we set off for a couple of hours collecting church micros before our event in Leverstock Green. I had listed about 6 churches to visit but the traffic was terrible so we changed our plans and went straight to Leverstock Green. The church was closed but we found the cache despite there being heaps of traffic around. We walked to see the village sign which is a very nice one and collected the information for another cache. We drove off to find the cache and after taking a very circuitous route we got to the right spot. However, search as we might we could not find the cache and eventually had to give up.

Then we drove to Apsley where the next closest church micro was. We ignored the “lady in the phone” giving us directions and turned left instead of right and we drove for ages before we found a bridge to take us across the Grand Union Canal. That canal system goes such a long way. We were boating on it last February around Leicester. At one stage we turned into the Apsley Marina where there were lots of longboats moored and the whole Marina was surrounded by flats. Despite the fact that there were no garden areas it would be a nice place to live with a lovely lookout. We finally found the church and a place to park the car off the busy road.

The church was closed too but we were soon searching the headstones for the numbers we needed. I found one straight away but the other two eluded me. After we had checked the entire churchyard I went back to where I had found the first one and the other two I needed were right beside the first. After working out the numbers we found that the coordinates took us across the railway line and onto a walkway across the golf course. There were some people playing golf and the coordinated took us to a tree where Mike quickly found the cache even though it was above his head in the tree. He had to shake off the ants which involved a comical dance. On our way back we had to walk on a part of the concourse where four men were teeing off so we had to wait until one took his shot. The train line was very busy with lots of trains and four train lines including lots of freight trains rushing along at 100 mph. Mike was having fun seeing if he could catch shots of them.

By the time we got back to the car, it was 6.30 so we headed back to Leverstock Green using a much more direct route. When we arrived there were only two geocachers, Bones1 who we met at another event in St Albans last week and another gentleman. By the time we left about two hours later, we had met about 20 local geocachers including “ammotuner” a young man who only started geocaching 18 months ago and has already found over 200 caches. It is fun going to events as you meet complete strangers who you instantly feel at home with and chat happily about caches you have seen all over the world. Many of the people there will be at the Mega in a few weeks time. At the event, another lady mentioned that she had failed to find the village sign cache this evening and when we heard that one of the other guys had found it, he even had a photograph so we got a hint and after the event, we went to have another look. We met another cacher going to find it too so the three of us finally found the cache.

On the drive home, we stopped at St Michael’s church in St Albans and found the church micro there. The church was closed but we will have to call in after work one day to see inside the church. Another lovely day with a few geocaching and an event too.