July 23 – Burford Private Viewing

A Successful Beginning

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We got most of the exhibition set up yesterday but still managed to find things to do all day. I sewed hems on all the curtains for the stands which took several hours. It was really good to get it finished though. Mike tried to get the turning head to work properly again but it refused to work. Rachael did design work for signs. As soon as I got the curtains finished we put them up and finished putting up all the mosaic panels. Mike and Rachael held the panels in place while I put on the washers and the nuts. Mike then tightened the screws and we moved the stands into place so that the mosaic was continuous. All three of us were thrilled to see how it looked. We closed all the curtains and turned on the new lights and we saw the exhibition for the first time, just as we had imagined!!

Just enough time to have a quick shower each and get dressed. A lady had arrived with the nibbles and Andy was setting up the drinks. At 7 pm the guests started arriving and at 7.30 Andy introduced us and Rachael thanked everyone for coming. Michael then introduced everyone to the Medieval Mosaic. He spoke easily and everyone enjoyed the presentation. We had a lovely evening before returning tired to the Airbnb in Charlbury.