July 29 – A quick geocaching trip to Swinbrook

Hi from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

After a day of talking to people at the exhibition, we thought we would head off to see if we could get a geocache. Also, we are working on the summer challenge of The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde. This week we have to drop off travel bugs and pick some up if possible to get extra points. We headed to Widford which is close by and the description says it has a travel bug in it. There was also supposed to be a cache in Swinbrook but we drove right through the place and the cache never showed up on the GPS.

We did, however, go to the church in Swinbrook, St Mary the Virgin. What a surprise! A small village church but with the most amazing monuments to six different Fettiplace gentlemen. Edmund died in 1604, William died in 1562, and Alexander 1504 and then three, Edmund and 2 John’s in the 17th century.

The stained glass window is really interesting and says ‘ A German land-mine with a parachute attached was dropped in a field between the church and the river at 9.20 in the evening of 26th September 1940. The explosion shattered the windows, displaced roof tiles and shook down plaster throughout the church. All the adjacent houses suffered in the same way but no one was hurt. This inscription has been placed here in thankfulness to God for our merciful deliverance and in memory of Willian Grenville Boyd Vicar 1938-1941 who collected and began arranging this old glass.’ These fragments of old glass formerly filled the upper tier of the East window. The church also has some very nice misericords. They are a ledge projecting from the underside of a hinged seat in a choir stall which, when the seat is turned up, gives support to someone standing. We have seen these in cathedrals but it is quite rare to find them in a church.