July 6 – On our way to Emsworth, Hampshire

Kempe and O'Connor Stained Glass windows

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We were up and going reasonably early and got everything packed and into the car before we realised we couldn’t find the house keys. The great key hunt ensued looking everywhere twice, down on the knees looking under the bed, all yesterday’s clothes still nothing. We then remembered that we didn’t open the door last night and looked in the only place that hadn’t been checked two or three times and finally found them in Mike’s good trousers. Now we could get away. We still had time to visit the St John’s the Baptist.

We had time to visit the St John’s the Baptist church before we left Frome. What a church!! The first thing I saw was the circular stone carvings with parables on one side of the nave and miracles on the other. These were inspired by previous vicar’s visit to Medici in Italy and are stunning. There are three reredoses, one behind the main altar and two chapels which are all different but all beautiful. In the tower are Saxon stones which can be identified by their carving marks. There is a unique gas light screen in ironwork with some gilding. There are some Kempe stained glass windows and also we learned about O’Connor stained glass windows. There was an O’Connor Junior and Senior and both had a real way with colour.

About 1 pm we arrived in Emsworth at our new house sit and our new charges, three Persian cats and an 80-year-old tortoise. I haven’t seen a tortoise since I was little as we don’t have them in New Zealand. C & F showed us around the house and in mid afternoon we drove them to their train.