July 7 – Churches at Sennicott, West Stoke, Funtington, Racton and Woodmancote

Church Micros around Hampshire

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We went for a drive to see the surrounding area and to visit some churches and collect some church micros. First, we visited St Mary’s at Sennicott. The church was not open and the log was damp but the church did have an unusual wall with tiny bits of flint in the mortar of the wall.

St Andrew’s Church in West Stoke was open and we were able to have a good look around. There was a great tomb inside the church to Adrian Stoughton from 1635 and some recently discovered 12th century wall paintings. A lovely find.

Next we went to Funtington and St Mary’s church. We enjoyed collecting the numbers all around the cemetary but we were muggled at the final. It was Ok though as they did not see what we were doing.

St Peter’s church at Racton was not open either but we were soon on the trail of the geocache. I was just leaning over to reach for it when a convertable with two ladies in it pulled over and asked my directions to an event. Sadly I could not help, but when we went back a second time several days later I realised that they were close to where they wanted to go but they drove off in the wrong direction. I wonder if they ever found it.

The last cache of the day was a tin church at Woodmancote. Coming from New Zealand I did not find the concept of a tin church to be overly special but in the UK they certainly are unusual. Woodmancote Chapel was erected in October 1892 fro a corrugated iron flat pack and was known asa ‘tin tabernacle’ It is only of only two active Anglican ‘tin tabernacles‘ still being used and is the oldest in Sussex and the fourth oldest in the UK. In 2012 a service was held to celebrate its 120th anniversary. We could not fin the geocache anywhere and eventually had to give up despite the fact that we hate to miss out on church micros. We were definitely in the right place and found it easily on a return trip later in the week.