July 9 – Cat and tortoise sitting in Emsworth

Lots of cuddles

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We are housesitting for three beautiful Persians, Biscuit, Charlie and Rigby. They are so cute.

Biscuit is the oldest and loves to sleep on top of a post with a bed on top. He suns himself in front of the window all day. He needs a bit of medication but takes it quite happily. He spends most nights asleep on our bed.

Charlie is younger and has the most amazing colouring. He is light grey with a darker grey streak down his back. He is also a real smooch and likes nothing better to have lots of cuddles and also likes to play with toys.

Rigby is also lovely though a bit more nervous. He doesn’t like to be cuddled but he lays along the back of the couch and then loves to be stroked. He is a darker grey colour.

All three Persians are fantastically soft and like to be brushed, on their own terms, of course. They will come up to us when they want to be cuddled or stroked.

Sammy is the octogenarian tortoise and she is lovely too. Her camouflage is very good and on hot days she digs right into the bark chi in the garden which makes it very difficult to see her. One day we could not find her and we were getting really worried that she had somehow got out of the garden. We eventually found her tucked right down beside the fence. What a relief. She is also a bit fussy about eating but loves a bit of banana. You know how they say tortoises are slow, well Sammy is not, she just takes off at top speed across the garden.