June 10 – Sunday in the Cathedral

Market Day in St Albans

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Because of the morning services, we did not have to start work until 12.30 so we did various printing jobs and made our packed lunch. Then we walked up into town to visit the French Market. It was quite different from yesterdays market with lots of stalls selling cheese, meat, pies, dessert and some vegetable stalls as well as artworks and haberdashery. An excellent market but we have made lunch today so we did not buy anything. Next Sunday we will maybe buy lunch. It would be a great opportunity to try various cheeses and meats. One stall even sold ostrich and kangaroo meats which was very Australian of them.
We arrived at the cathedral right on 12.30 and the second morning service had just finished so we wouldn’t have been able to get in a minute earlier. We didn’t have too many people looking at the exhibition from the congregation but it was listed in the church notices so that is great. Also, all the staff of the cathedral have had an email about the exhibition.
We had a very slow start but I finally managed to solve a geocaching puzzle which has been driving me mad for months. I had been struggling with it earlier in the day and then later I picked it up again and saw the solution straight away. Funny how that happens. We had a couple of very enthusiastic Kiwis from Wellington as well as other visitors from all over the world. We had a late lunch at 3 pm in the sunshine in the park.
In the evening Susan and Peter were busy getting all their luggage ready for tomorrow’s flight.
Mike and I had an early night but I could not get to sleep, probably as I knew we had to get up at 4.