June 11 – A day out in Alfriston and a Medieval re-enactment

A Visit to Alfriston Clergy House

Hi from Gillian and Michael

Today David and Joan took us to Alfriston to visit our second National Trust site – Alfriston Clergy House. I don’t know whether they planned it that way but there was also a medieval reenactment taking place with the combatants all in Medieval dress which we found fascinating.

Alfriston Clergy House was the first property acquired by the National Trust, in 1896 for £10. It is a grade II listed Wealden Hall house and is a low ceilinged, two-storey, timber-framed building with a thatched roof. It has a rare chalk and sour milk floor. The cottage garden was designed by Graham Stuart Thomas, an English botanist renown for his work with garden roses.

There were a couple of geocaches around the green and Mike and I wandered over to look for one who seemed to elude us. There we met Wurzel1947 who was emptying rubbish bins around the site. We chatted for a while and he told us about a few caches around Alfriston. We never did find that cache but our searching obviously attracted Wurzel1947’s attention.

We walked across the green to St Andrews church where we found the church micro and a church fete going on. We found another cache too while going around the fete. The church had some lovely stained glass windows and our love affair with stained glass began.

After the trip to Alfriston, we took the “pretty” route home driving along the coast and driving into Brighton. Mike was much happier being the passenger in the car in Brighton. When we drove there the other day, there was so much traffic and the roads were confusing so Mike became was quite disturbed and was pleased to get back to Burgess Hill.

A wonderful day out on a fantastic summer’s day.