June 11 – A short excursion to Stoke Gabriel

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

After a day of work, we went out for a drive in the evening to Stoke Gabriel which is not far from Berry Pomeroy. It is a lovely little village near the water and quite a popular place to come for the evening meal and for walks. The numbers for the Stoke Gabriel church micro were collected but they could not be right, I checked again with still the same result. I changed one of the numbers which gave us a more sensible result but when we got to the final, the hint meant we were in the right place but the cache was missing. The church is lovely with stone capitals and panel paintings representing apostles and prophets wooden rood screen. It also has a vaulted barrel shaped roof, a Queen Anne coat of arms and a fantastic altar and reredos. Outside the church is a cross section of Yew tree depicting events in history from 1066.

On the way back to the church we found another cache as well as a village sign cache. This last one took us a while of driving around until we found the public footpath. The shingle footpath was very overgrown with summer weeds. Rather than push through the weeds on the way back and risk my getting hay fever Mike went to the car and drove around to pick me up from the bottom of the hill.