June 12 – A day out in Lewes and a visit to Lewes Castle

Associated with English Heritage

Hello from Gillian and Michael

Today we went to Lewes to visit Lewis Castle. Lewes Castle is not an English Heritage property but is an associated site which allows us to obtain entrance for half price.

Lewes is a lovely Medieval town with lots of wonderful buildings and with the River Ouse flowing through it. It is a tidal river and despite being inland the river level varies a great deal.

The castle is a motte and bailey design but has two mottes which are quite unusual. The castle gives great views out over the South Downs and to the South. Brack Mount, the first motte, was completed shortly after the Norman Conquest of England and the second motte, the Keep, was completed in the late 11th century. Both were built by William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey and he fought at the Battle of Hastings with William the Conqueror. It is a steep walk up to the castle but the views are definitely worth it.

A few days ago we brought a new smartphone and now begins the steep learning curve of using this phone. One of my main problems is answering the phone as there are at least two different ways of answering it and usually it has hung up before I figure it out. I use the Map app all the time as it is our only way of finding directions. The app often brings up three different routes and we are able to choose which we want to use. It also shows up where the traffic is going slowly by showing an orange road or even at a standstill if it shows red. We would never have managed without this invaluable app. We were hoping to use the camera on the cell phone but that is not going to work as it is very difficult to keep the phone still while taking photographs. We can also get emails on our phone which is handy when away from the laptop. We have 1 Gb data but at this stage have no real idea what we would use it for. A work in progress, no doubt. We spent one evening taking photos of each other with Dad and Joan and teaching each other how they work.

Our first few days in England were overcast but for the last week, it has been 22 – 28C every day. Quite amazing and not what we expected. The gardens and hedgerows are very beautiful.