June 13 – Joint Birthday Dinner

At Yew Tree, Arlington

Hello from Gillian and Michael

At 12.30 today we went to meet Kevin, the marketing and major projects manager of the Hastings Borough Council and the one who invited us to bring the mosaic to Hastings to take part in the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings celebration. We visited the exhibition space and talked about advertising etc and decided on the exhibition private viewing for invited guests on August 12. We also talked about guests we would like to invite.

My aunties birthday is the day after mine and she is 20 years older than me. We have not celebrated many birthdays together so tonight we went to her favourite restaurant – The Yew Tree in Arlington. We had a lovely meal and a wonderful time catching up.

As we came out of the restaurant I got out the GPS and there is a church micro nearby.  So while our long-suffering family, who think we are mad incidentally, waited we trotted off to find the cache. We read the hint and previous logs and decided on a likely spot and there it was. A cat was very interested in what we were doing and why the light was coming through the trees just like magic!