June 14 – School visits

Altar Frontal and Processional Banners

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today we had quite a good day as there were 150 Year 7 girls from a school in London. They were broken up into four groups and each group spent time with us during the day. They were interested in the mosaic but more particularly the puzzles and the important scenes from the mosaic. The education officer brought in an article published by the BBC History magazine about the Nazi interest in the Bayeux tapestry during WW2. It was very interesting and we were surprised at how much access they had had in the tapestry.

We had to have lunch separately today as there was never a time when we could leave the exhibition together. The day started off overcast and drizzling but became much nicer during the day. We have started to walk to and from work through the park which is slightly longer but much nicer than walking along the streets.