June 16 – Happy Birthday Gillian

On our way from Berry Pomeroy to Combe Haven

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We were up early this morning as Rachael was making me pancakes as a birthday treat. Many of the house mates were about so lots of birthday cuddles. After a lovely breakfast we broke down the stand and packed all the mosaic away into its boxes for safe storage, then packed the car with all our belongings and cleaned Jonties room for him to come back to tonight.

We didn’t leave Berry Pomeroy until about 1pm. How time flies! Before we left the area I had one special geocache that I wanted to find. It is a puzzle which called ‘Jewel Thief’. I need a puzzle starting with J to complete the ‘June Spelling Challenge’ in Christchurch, NZ. I have not seen a geocache like this before as it involves watching a video to find the final. When I watched the video I recognised the roundabout at Marldon and soon with the aid of Google Earth worked things out. As we were driving right past we stopped and soon found the cache. I was very pleased and we were thrilled to find a music box filled with fake jewels. A real birthday treat! On the way back to the car I commented to Mike that a rock looked a bit like a geocache and guess what, it was. So that was a bonus!

A nice easy trip on the M5 stopping briefly at a service area for a Big Mac. We had a lesson on how to use the ordering panels, a nice efficient way of ordering and paying for food.

We were running a bit early so we called into High Bray and Brayford to get some church Micros. We only got one as the one at High Bray eluded us. Both are very pretty, picturesque villages.

We arrived in Combe Martin following Jan and Tony’s excellent instructions. What an amazingly long village, apparently the second longest village in England. We thought we would never see the landmark they gave us and were beginning to think we missed it. Then suddenly there was the house in prime position looking out over the beach and the sea. A beautiful house and garden and lovely people too. We sat and talked, after meeting Alfie, a Miniature Schnauzer, and had a lovely salad tea.