June 17 – Hangman’s Loop

A five and a half mile walk

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

Jan suggested that we might like to do something by ourselves today as Alfie will not be up to long walks and they ware not leaving until tomorrow. So we decided to do a series of geocaches which follow the Coast Path from right outside the house. We set off almost immediately without food or water which was slightly mad. We had the GPS though so that’s good. It is quite a hot day about 24C but despite that we only caught the sun a little bit. You certainly wouldn’t get away with that in New Zealand and let’s face we should know better.

Anyway we found 32 caches for the day so I was a ‘happy chappy’. Some of it was pretty steep but the views and the geocaches were worth the climb. The series was excellent with all sorts of interesting containers like an owl, a bug, a cat, a bell and a squeaky pig. They were all reasonably easy to find and well maintained which is always important when you are walking so far, you do not want any ‘did not finds’ Also a lot of the caches had swaps in so we changed a lot of our fake USBs for a variety of cute toys including a couple of dinosaurs for Rio and Zac, our borrowed grandchildren. We also found a travel bug.

There were two peaks at Little Hangman and Great Hangman. I tried to get out of going to the top of Little Hangman but in the end I traipsed up and it was well worth it. There was a great view and it was completely calm. We watched some kayaks and some jet skis going by. There was a young couple at the top which make looking for the cache difficult but eventually they moved away and even then we had to use my walking poles to finally find it.  A very sneaky hide! On our way back down from Great Hangman the mobile rang and I knew it would be Angeline, Mike’s sister ringing from Australia for my birthday. We chatted as we walked along catching up with all the news on both sides of the world. The last four caches were on an incredibly steep walkway, I am so glad we were going down instead of going up as we might have given up before we got started. We arrived back to the house around 5pm and had a lovely cup of tea and a long sit down.

Jan and Tony took us out for dinner with two of their friends, one of whom was a Kiwi too. We had a very pleasant evening at Hele Bay at Hele Billy’s Bar & Restaurant.