June 22 – Combe Martin

Cooler today

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

It is cooler today, about 18C. When we took Alfie for his walk this morning we noticed tide was way out and you could see the walkway going out along the right hand side of the cliff. We left Alfie at home as no dogs are allowed on this beach at this time of the year and set off along the path. There were ponds of water left with guppies and maybe even the odd crab. We watched a Dad and his son catching some. The walk way gets water right over it at high tide so you have to be pretty careful as it gets very slippery. At the end was a long man made cave which looks like you can walk right through to another beach. We didn’t as we didn’t have a torch with us.

Spent much of the day working on the new website and the Trusted House sitting site as they have upgraded so that you can add photos of your previous house sits.

In the early evening we walked Alfie to a neighbouring beach and went to find one geocache. It was a nice easy find for our 5400th so it is a bit of a landmark for us. Good length walk tonight but he didn’t have any problems at all.

We both spent the evening working on the souvenir book for the upcoming exhibition in Burford. Pretty much finished it.