June 25 – Combe Martin

High and Low Tides

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We are really fascinated by the tides here so after we had taken Alfie for his walk today we trotted off with the GPS to see what the elevations are.

At the house gate, the elevation is 23m but we decided that wasn’t very accurate so we changed it to feet, so we have 103 ft. At the high tide mark it is 56 ft which is right up to and crashing on the wall outside the Foc’sle Inn, no wonder the wall is so well reinforced and even on a normal tide it gets to here. It must be amazing in a storm.

It is low tide, now, or pretty low so we walked right out and got to 6 ft where the waves were rippling in and it was time for paddling. So it comes in 50 ft but we forgot to measure the distance. Pretty flat so when the tide comes in and out it is very quick. We will have to go back and get that measurement.

There is a breakwater which is very obvious at low tide but it is completely covered at high tide. The bottom of the breakwater is 12 ft and the bottom of the pole on top of the rock is 16 ft. There are not, unfortunately, any measurements on the pole but it is more than twice our height and at high tide the water laps the cap on the pole. So using a bit of maths, if high tide is 56ft and the bottom of the pole if 16 ft then the pole is 30ft high. LOL, a bit more than twice our height then.