June 3 – A late afternoon drive around Chew Valley Lake

Balloons in the Evening Sky

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today it was a pretty hot day but we spent most of the day doing through all out stuff including the boxes we picked up from Rachael’s place last week and repacking it. We threw away heaps of pamphlets and other things that we will not be keeping. I also contacted a company which moves belongings from England to New Zealand which means that we can keep the special books that we have collected. We finally had everything packed to our satisfaction but not in the car yet. We will leave that until the morning.

In the early evening, we went for a drive around the Chew Valley Lake as we have been here three weeks and do not want to leave without doing it. The weather has either been bad or we have been exhausted from work. We drove a little way and pulled into one of the car parks. There were other groups of people enjoying the summer evening and we walked along the path heading for a geocache. When we got there the geocache was a puzzle which was way too cryptic for us to work out so we carried on driving around the lake.

We called into St Nicholas and St Mary church in Stowey but the church was closed. However, we did find the geocache. We did find another geocache not far away. Then we visited St Andrew’s church in Chew Magna. The church had no church micro but it was still open. It had a great stone font on four corners and a central column and a pulpit with marble columns in a similar style. There was also an amazing wooden lectern with a huge piece of quartz crystal in the eagle’s claws. The white stonework is amazing and there are 156 angels of different kinds, just stunning! There was also an 18th-century turret clock by I. Norkett, a carved chest from 1930 and a bell cast in 1718 by Edward Bilbie.

On our way around the other side of the lake, we stopped in a layby which overlooked the lake. There were about five groups of fishermen in boats out on the lake fly fishing. The boats were all numbered so I think they all belonged to the lake owners. Above the lake, we noticed 2 hot air balloons and as we drove along back to the house we saw a total of five different balloons all brightly coloured. A perfect evening and a new chapter of our adventure will begin tomorrow.